the ham is melting, the turkey is suspended in midair, the salami is hatching from its own egg. why did we even come to the salvador deli

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Sam: “I’m a sad frightened man, Bill, who’s losing his sad, frightened soul.”
Bill: “What are you afraid of?”
Sam: “Everything…everyone…even afraid of myself. They come down from the hill and torment me! They tear me apart with their shrieks and moanings! I have nowhere to turn…nowhere!”
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girls don’t want boys, girls want dragon age: inquisition and mass effect 4

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Jessica Harper magazine article, September 29th 1981

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actual quotes from ‘ripoff report’ about my place of employment:

Northwest Direct Marketing is a Call Center located in Beaverton, Oregon that telemarkets people to buy Dish Network, Cable, and Highlights Kids Magazines.  They only generally Hire Convicted FELONS and Drug addicts.

The call center itself is absolutely disgusting, dirty, and full of low lifes.  DO NOT do business with this company if you value your own business!  DO NOT get a job at this company if you value you own personal integrity!

They hire teenagers barely out of high school and complete scum of all ages. On breaks and lunches, half of everyone on the call center floor go outside to smoke and most disappear off to the skatepark to go smoke pot.


People were caught having sex in cars in the parking lot, employees would comingle after work hours and get drunk and high together, and managers were involved in this behavior as well.

actually no

this will be the weekend of brigitte lin movies and writing a fantasy comic series based on my telemarketing adventures (spoilers: it is called ‘throne and sward’ and there are crow ninjas and an immortal polymath banished to Occupational Purgatory and a minor villain named ‘fedora’ and a teenaged drug dealer ghost that haunts the smoke break area of the call center with her mist-based entity scumbag boyfriend BASED ON A TRUE STORY)

get in my life

i have the house to myself for the entire weekend and all my coworker bros are busy

fuck yeah 80s wuxia weekend




extremely inquisitive; a strong desire to know.

Etymology: from Latin per-, prefix to denote “many” +‎ curiosus, ”curious, inquisitive”.

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Why?: I am severely disabled and have acquired a debt in medical expenses. It’s at the point where I need to make money on the side simply to pay for groceries, so I decided on tarot.

Who am I?: I am a heredity witch, I’ve been studying my craft since childhood and tarot is my preferred tool of divination although my method doesn’t rely heavily on the modern Golden Dawn traditions.

How does this work?: Send me a question or situation you want more info about and I’ll pick a spread for you or pick a spread you want done (listed below)

I will record your reading, upload it on Google docs and send you a private link. If that doesn’t work for you, other arrangements can be made.

Please give me 24 hours to respond.

Depending on what you feel the reading is worth send me a gift donation through paypal to me at

The spreads:

1. Yes or No spread

This is a three card spread and although it could easily give you a yes or no answer it also provides what the cards considered to be valuable information. This spread takes about 5 min.

2. Celtic Cross spread

A ten card spread that gives you an overview and guide through situations.

This spread is great if you have a situation you want information on and can’t think of a specific question. An example would be “I’m thinking about coming out to my family” it will give you insight into many of the aspects working with and against you at this time.

Often, this is the first spread people choose and once given some clarity through the reading they then decide to ask more specific questions.

This spread tends to take 20 min. not including follow-up questions.

3. A general question spread

Depending on the question or the direction the cards point me toward this can be anywhere from three cards on a up.

Sometimes there are issues the cards want you to address which will necessitate another spread. If this is the case, I will talk to you about how you want to go to about it.

This spread can take anywhere from 10 min. to an hour.

AlsoDon’t have any question per se? Check out some of these spreads I think you’ll like


Your world will perish

Collaboration with Michael Tunk

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