Dark Shadows Reboot: Maria Doyle Kennedy as Sarah Johnson

I don’t think it’s very healthy, living in this house.

When Bill Malloy was found dead, the police decided it was an accident—but that’s not good enough for his housekeeper, Sarah Johnson. Determined to find out who’s responsible for the death of the man she secretly loved, Sarah joins forces with Burke Devlin to infiltrate Collinwood and learn the truth. But as Collinwood’s new housekeeper, Sarah finds her loyalties shifting, especially when she gets to know the mistress of the house better. Now these two women who cared for the same man may find themselves getting a second chance at love—and Sarah Johnson has decide which is more important to her: figuring out the past or embracing the future.

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i don’t think anyone’s ever referred to us as being nightmarish.


Dark Shadows Reboot: Harry Lennix as Bill Malloy

Liz, I like you. I think you’re the greatest woman on the face of this Earth. Because you plant your feet firm on the deck when the gale blows. Because you hold your head up high and damn the Devil. Because you don’t know how to run scared.

Bill Malloy has been in love with Liz Stoddard for as long as he can remember, but he waited too long to say it, and she married someone else—with disastrous results. As manager of the Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery, Bill is Liz’s right hand man and staunch defender, but he still has never quite managed to profess his love for her. When Jason McGuire, a ghost from Liz’s past, shows up, Liz seems terrified…but then she lets him stay in her house and gives him a position in the company, allowing him to access her funds. Before long, Liz joylessly declares that she and Jason are getting married. Can Bill figure out what hold Jason has on Liz before it’s too late? And will he have the courage this time to tell her how he feels about her?

i cannot be kind and gentle to my enemies ❞


Dark Shadows Reboot: Raúl Esparza as Roger Collins

Pain sometimes precedes pleasure, Miss Winters. Or are you too young to have discovered that, yet?

Life’s been tough for Roger Collins since he moved back to Collinwood to live with his sister, Elizabeth. His estranged wife is a pyromaniac, his ten-year-old son keeps trying to kill him, and he’s not quite sure how he feels about the pretty new governess who seems immune to all his charms. And then his ex-flame, Burke Devlin, shows up in Collinsport, determined to prove that Roger’s the one who’s really guilty of the manslaughter charge that got Burke incarcerated for five years. Roger’s not quite sure who’s an enemy and who’s a friend anymore, but at least he knows he can count on that bottle of brandy to always be waiting for him.

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Aoi Morikawa and Ayami Nakajo in Zero (2014)


Dark Shadows Reboot: Gina Torres as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard

You’re not dealing with Roger now, you’re dealing with me, Burke, and the best lawyers I can find. You want a fight, you’ll get one. But I promise you one thing: when it’s over, you’ll know you’ve been in a fight.

The matriarch and backbone of the Collins family, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard hasn’t left the grounds of Collinwood in eighteen years, and no one knows why. Could it have something to do with the mysterious locked room in the basement? And why is she so insistent on keeping the new governess around? Is it true that she knows something about Victoria Winters and her past? Fiercely protective of both her family and her secrets, Liz ultimately has to answer the big question that she’s been avoiding all these years—did she kill her husband, Paul Stoddard, so many years ago?



House of Dark Shadows (1970)

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I drew a Jenny Collins poster.


Vincent Price in Dragonwyck 1946


"Pure crap."


Many Ladies wear it this way


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This is actually a pretty sweet photoset. :)

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Fuck, Marry, or Kill with Sleepy Hollow Cast - George Washington, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin


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Outfit Inspired by Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe

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